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Family Attorney. Prenuptial through Divorce

Legal Advice Tailored to the Family. Attorneys and Counselors for engaged persons, married persons, and parents. Zamzow Fabian PLLC's family law attorneys help position their clients for an optimal outcome in the case of a family or marriage breakdown. Most people don't buy life insurance with the intent of dying by a specific time, rather it's purchased as a shield for your family in the case that you die at an unexpected time. Prenuptial agreements won't prevent a divorce, rather they may simplify and guard against aggressive or highly contested divorces. Prenuptial agreements, much like life insurance, should be acquired by all engaged persons to protect yourself from the fallout of what you hope may never happen. And for individuals with medium to high incomes, consider an estate plan before marriage that can be adapted as your family develops and grows.

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Prenuptial Agreements
Are premarital agreements formed between persons prior to the marriage contract. These agreements should contain general provisions of premarital property in-case of divorce or break-up of marriage. Most importantly the agreement must be fully disclosing and fair at the time of agreement and notarized.

Contested Family Property
A natural characteristic of family property is that several people have an interest in one thing. Families being no exception, anytime several people own anything opinions will clash on what to do with the property, or with what another co-tenant is doing with the property. Resolving these differences out-of-court through an agreement of all parties is the cheapest and wisest thing to do. But, where court action is the only option, Zamzow Fabian PLLC is here to provide counsel.

Divorce or Separation
When a marriage starts to breakdown to a point of no return, end it in divorce or separation. Separation may be wise, where the parties choose to remain connected through property or children, and can remain civilly cordial and friendly. Divorce is necessary when civility and proper social conduct cannot be maintained, as well as when both parties would like to cut-clean and start over fresh. Not all divorce is bitter, and not all separations are permanent, but it is certainly wise to seek counsel anytime you turn towards that path.

Child Custody and Support
Where both parents are well adjusted and socially apt, joint custody of children is advisable. Whether or not joint custody is possible for any number of reasons, child support is almost always necessary. Michigan has very specific rules regarding child support and custody, it is important to have an attorney on your side if you want your opinion heard.

Bitter divorces could be avoided if more people thought carefully about a prenuptial agreement with an open mind. Very few people purchase life insurance 'planning' for a 'unexpected' death (before age 65), it is purchased to prepare your family in the case that you happen to be one of the 8 in 1,000 that die every year. It is estimated that around 39%-48% of first marriages end in divorce. A Prenuptial or antenuptial agreement drafted by Zamzow Fabian PLLC are designed to prepare our engaged clients for an unexpected breakdown in marriage. Making it far more likely that divorce will be amicable and expedient between two adults who agree to go their separate ways.
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